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Friday, October 30, 2009

Book Review: Rattlesnake Rules


I'm excited to share with you a great book that Five Star Publications sent me to review. It is a book about rattlesnakes called "Rattlesnake Rules" by Conrad J. Storad. This book is geared for children ages 4-8. The retail price of this book is $16.95 and is absolutely worth it. It is a hard back cover and is very colorful with great quality.

We live in the mountains and get rattlesnakes quite often. In fact, this summer we had one under the stairs heading up to our front door. My girls were very interested in the snake and did not show any fear, just curiosity. Of course, I couldn't even look at it. It gave me the chills every time I heard it rattle.

This book couldn't have arrived at a better time. It's a story about a rattlesnake mommy with her babies teaching them how to be rattlesnakes. She teaches them how to hunt for food, how to eat the food when they get it and when and how to shake their rattles. It was so cute when we reached a part where one of the baby snakes was startled by its own rattle. The rules also teach humans to beware when they come across a rattlesnake. The back section of the book includes a curriculum guide to help the children better understand the rattlesnakes.

Here is a picture of my little 4yr old girls looking through the book:

*Disclosure: This book was provided to the Mama Buzz site and Mama Buzz reviewers, free of charge, in exchange for today's blog tour*


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