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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations


Did anyone have any luck getting the high dollar coupons on Thursday at Old Navy Weekly? I didn't get any. It was really weird, I could see the coupon count going down but it wouldn't let me click on anything. It was kind of annoying but I know if God wanted me to get one, I would have gotten one.

Here are the locations of what is still available:

10%  - Click the boys face, a crown will appear on his head, click it.

15%  - A chicken will appear in the Easter Basket, it takes a minute or so to appear. When you see it, click on it.

$5/$25 - Click the "toddler girl" star, click and hold you mouse on the red heart near the zipper, drag it to the outlined heart on the sleeve.

$15/$75 - Click the "toddler boys" star, grab the brown and white sweater and drag it to the sweatshirt.

$10/$50 - Click the "girls star, click on the shoes by the orange sweater and put them over the little girls shoes.

Grab one while you can and combine it with some great President Day Sales. Start thinking about next week, the page will be completely different and we will be on our own to find the hidden coupon locations

Not familiar with Old Navy Weekly? Check out my post here.


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