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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old Navy Weekly Refresh


Today is the weekly refresh for Old Navy Weekly. Old Navy put together a separate web page for hidden coupons. This has been going on for well over a year now. They hide all different value coupons.They refresh the site anytime in the day. You have to be glued to your computer. Before they refresh, they post a notice on the page that it will refresh soon. They have a small amount of high value coupons available so you have to be quick.

I decided to start posting this because it is really fun to follow. I've been hunting for at least a year and have gotten some great coupons, $75/$100's and $50 off $100's. The silly part is most of the time I can't even use them so I give them away. Its just fun to hunt!

Here is how the rundown on scoring a coupon:

-Every Thursday they refresh the site with new coupons.

-Every other Thursday, they put a new design on the page, this means the coupons from the previous Thursday are still in place, they are just different values.

-The key is to know the locations from the previous week so you can get to the locations right away. The week they put up a new page you have to hunt with no clues.

Now that you are up to speed, the hunt this week should be the same as last week.

Here are the locations from last week:

$50/$100 - A chicken will appear in the Easter Basket, it takes a minute or so to appear. When you see it, click on it.

10%  - Click the boys face, a crown will appear on his head, click it.

15%  - Click the star that says "girls", click the butterfly.

$5/$25 - Click the "toddler girl" star, click and hold you mouse on the red heart near the zipper, drag it to the outlined heart on the sleeve.

$10/$50 - Click the "toddler boys" star, grab the brown and white sweater and drag it to the sweatshirt.

$15/$75 - Click the "girls star, click on the shoes by the orange sweater and put them over the little girls shoes.

Happy Hunting!!


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