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Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Kmart Doubles Trip

Here is a picture of my Kmart trip. Some of the items I got are not pictured because I sent them with my church on a mission trip. But this is mostly everything other than a few candles I put around the house. I am not posting this to brag, I am posting it to encourage you to get involved with coupons so you can save LOTS of money.

Stocking up on products has become one of my hobbies. Most of the items I get go to donation to help others that are less fortunate. Its my way of giving rather than just money. This time around I couldn't resist the the candles but I did get some razors and deodorant to donate.

Here is a breakdown of my trip:

18 Secret Deodorants
10 Glade Soy Candles
17 Glade Reed Diffusers
17 Glade Multiwick Candles
2 Glade 2oz candles
4 Bic Razors packages

Regular shelf price on these items would have been $533.13.

The sale price totaled $310.14.

My out of pocket was $14.22. There was a promotion I blogged about here that gave you money back each time you purchase a certain dollar amount. I used these to pay the balances on my purchases.

The best part is that I will be mailing in a $15 rebate that I blogged about here so really my out of pocket will be -$.88


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